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  • Britis
    Article: May 4, 2018

    This article was first published in Ha'aretz.

    In France, just a few days ago, 300 French dignitaries and stars wrote an open letter about the "quiet ethnic purging" of Jewish communities in the country and they cited Islamist extremism as being the root cause of this racial and demographic purge. They also lamented the fact that 11 members of local Jewish communities had been killed by Islamists since 2006 and with the most recent murder being that of Mireille Knoll, an 85 year old woman who had survived the Nazi round up of Jews in Vel d'Hiv in 1942, and where families, men and women were then transported to concentration and death camps. Only about 100 of the 13,000 Jews who were detained at Vel d'Hiv survived and Mireille Knoll was one of them. She was to end up being murdered in Paris, stabbed 11 times in an antisemitic murder and frenzy, which led to the arrest of 2 people, including a man of North African heritage.

  • Enoch Powell
    Article: Apr 23, 2018
    In Huffington Post

    I was born in Uganda in 1971 at a time of incredible turbulence in the country. General Idi Amin had taken over the country and was running the country like a private fiefdom. His politburo of a Government introduced policies which openly stated 'Africa for Africans' meaning that the Asians who had settled in the country were in effect, isolated out as not being 'Africans' even though many had lived for decades in the country. The primary pull for Asians who has left from India had been the colonial link with the Empire which was still in control of countries like Uganda and Kenya at the turn of the century. Asians formed the second strata of colonialisation, which was made up of administrators and small business owners. The colonial project across the globe was pretty much based along racial lines and in East Africa it meant that at the top were white British decision makers, followed by Asians and with the local Black Ugandan communities being at the bottom. In earnest, therefore, Amin was playing to long felt feelings of disenfranchisement and poverty felt within large parts of Uganda at the time.

  • Trevor Phillips
    Article: Apr 18, 2016
    By Fiyaz Mughal

    After much fanfare, What British Muslims Really Think, aired on Channel 4 a few nights ago, hosted by Trevor Phillips.

    It promised "an extensive and rigorous survey to get a better understanding of British Muslims' attitudes to living in Britain and British institutions"; but did it deliver on its promise?

  • Alternative for Germany
    Article: Apr 18, 2016
    By Fiyaz Mughal

    It seems that the far right group, Alternative for Germany, is creating more community fractures through its recent policy decision on Islam in Germany.

    The anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) said on Sunday Islam is not compatible with the German constitution and vowed to press for bans on minarets and burqas at its party congress in two weeks' time.

  • Article: Mar 21, 2016
    • A third of councils in London (10 boroughs) failed to prosecute a single landlord for providing unsafe accommodation in 2014/2015
    • A further half of London councils (18) prosecuted fewer than 10 landlords for providing unsafe accommodation in 2014/2015
    • The one London Borough (Newham) with mandatory licensing in place for the entire year of 2014/2015 was responsible for over 70 per cent of all prosecutions in London under the Housing Act (2004)
    • There is significant variation in the level of enforcement activity by London boroughs, with some councils inspecting one in 14 private rented properties for hazards, and others only inspecting one in five hundred properties.